Anatomical Education

With the use of computer-based models, doctors can interact through new human-machine interfaces to explore and better understand the human anatomy.

Surgical Simulation

Surgical skills can be refined by applying these techniques on virtual humans, with precision tracking devices to monitor the progress and provide recommendations.

Preoperative Planning

The use of highly interactive visualisation of patient-specific characteristics to detect tumour regions and also for precise diagnostics and pre-operative plannng.

Intraoperative Support

The surgeon's abilities can be enhanced by fusing computer-generated data with real objects. The precision of the surgical intervention will be augmented by synthetic data superimposed on the patient, giving the surgeon the feeling of having X-ray vision.

Virtual DNA

Creating new learning environments in the field of life sicences by integrating scientific knowledge, information technology and innovative pedagogies.

Acupunture Trainer

This technology is able to improve a surgeon's skills by providing virtual humans to train techniques, instead of directly on actual patients.

Virtual Orthopedic Surgery

Virtual surgical training is one of the most promising areas in medicine where 3-D computer graphics and virtual reality techniques are emerging. VR orthopedic surgery training system is able to work even at the surgeon's home PCs.

Digital Heritage

Explore a digitally recreated heritage environment with a virtual avatar as your tour guide. Visit and interact with preserved heritage sites that are closed to the public.

Augmented Reality Book

This technology allows additional visual information to be viewed on a semi-transparent display while flipping the pages of a book.

New Learning Environment

High quality teaching tools are being developed that integrate together scientific knowledge, information technology and innovative pedagogies.

Virtual Campus

Virtual Campus is a shared virtual world of the real campus of Nanyang Technological University in Singapore. The Virtual Campus can be accessed from any Internet-connected personal computer running MS Windows and Internet Explorer.

Terrain Visualisation

3D terrain visualisation with a real-time virtual walk through and information interactions. And a 2D-3D hybrid user interface for dynamic geographical exploration on the Internet.

Virtual Factory and Logistics

3D visualisation of simulation results for effective factory planning, top management decision making and the analysis of factory chain-processes.

OpenSG Rendering System

Scenegraph-based rendering API for the representation of computer-generated scenes especially designed for Virtual Reality real-time applications.

Function-based Web Visualization

Function-based extension of VRML and X3D allows for defining any type of geometry, graphics appearances, and transformations by implicit, explicit and parametric functions.

Grid-based Visualization and Shape Modeling

Free-form shape modeling is a method of making geometric shapes in any possible way rather than from a finite set of basic shapes.

Interactive Function-based Shape Modelling

Small formulae rather than thousands of polygons or voxels are used for defining interactive modifications of shape's geometry and appearance.

News Ticker

The visualisation of financial data in order to enhance live television broadcasting, by providing a constant flow of static data.

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