In CAMTech, our core competencies lies in the area of Virtual Reality. That include projects pertaining to scientific and medical visualisation, learning environments, virtual engineering and manufacturing, new media for education and cultural heritage as well as 3D modelling and reconstruction of incident scenes.

In recent years, we have also researched extensively into Augmented Reality related projects using our own software and system. Project ranges from marker to fully feature-based tracking technology.

Outdoor Tracker
Tracking with the environment as a natural marker, a user is able to detect interesting information of buildings around oneself.

IPhone AR Application with Twitter
Find twitterers around your vicinity by rotating your iPhone in any direction. A cool way of reading online twitts on the go.

Augmented Card Tracker
Marvel at the latest project on feature-based tracking where black framed markers are made do without.

AR City Planner
Save the hassle of having to redraw architectural designs and plans over and over again when you can play around with virtual buildings. Planning a city can be fun and interactive.
Augmented Poster
This project aimed at bring more interactive into our normal poster. By allowing posters to come "alive" not only creates a better information transfer but also a more entertaining form of advertisement.
The aim of this game is to make the learning of the Chinese language more interactive and engaging by using Augmented Reality technology with natural markers.
Augmented Physics Lab
The AR Physics is a new way of exploring physics. Serial and parallel circuitry can be experimented through various combinations of the bulb, power supply and resistor values making them fun and interactive.
CAMTech jointly collaborated with the School of Civil Engineering and the Land Transport Authority of Singapore to pre-study motorists' reactions under simulated traffic conditions before the tunnel's completion by 2008.
Nicoll Highway
Using a highly interactive in-house visualisation system, this 3D scene was presented to the public during the opening of the Nicholl Highway hearing on 2nd August 2004 for the first time.
The project aims to create an interactive environment for visitors to experience digital heritage.
Virtual Reality Theatre
Immersive visualisation solutions at the NTU Reality Theatre feature 3 high resolution CRT projectors and a 2.66m high, 150 degree cylindrical screen.
Virtual Fish Tank
Dive into the virtual aquarium to explore and experience underwater biological phenomenon in game-like scenarios.
Virtual Factory
The visualisation of simulated manufacturing results for easier decision management in the electronic assembly.

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