Academic Contribution          Students
CAMTech places significant importance on technology transfer and manpower development. CAMTech hosts undergraduate and postgraduate students to participate in the R&D projects carried out at the centre and Industrial Attachment.

The director of CAMTech is responsible for supervising Phd students in their research work projects and Final Year Project (FYP) students. Since 1998, the centre has successfully managed an International Student Exchange programme with different institutions through the INI-GraphicsNet.
Our Market          Collaborations
CAMTech's products and services are used widely by various MNCs and local SMEs, governmental bodies and their affiliated companies, educational and research institutions. CAMTech primarily addresses the Asian market, but also handles international projects with the INI-GraphicsNet.
What makes CAMTech unique?
Our track record of successful collaborations include industrial partners such as BMW and Volkswagen.

Standard prepackaged applications usually fit the needs of the average user, however this is usually insuffiecient because specific problems require unique customised solutions.

If you are interested in speeding up your development process through Virtual or Augmented Reality (ie. by building digital prototypes), please email for more information.

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